Exercise for 30 seconds of Kourtney Kardashian to tone buttocks


Thanks to your site, lifestyle, Kourtney Kardashian shares tips on how he manages to stay in shape. Through Poosh, the Internet page that was founded last year, the protagonist of Keeping Up with the Kardashians he shows us some details fitness and wellness she also puts it into practice. In one of his last publications, included a movement perfect for to tone the buttocks and (the best part) only lasts for 30 seconds.

The movement was named Grasshoppers (grasshoppers, for his translation into Spanish) and is an exercise of the trainer’s head Poosh, Amanda Lee. According to the article, the eldest of the Kardashian sisters, this is a movement that you can perform in 30 seconds and without any problem from your home. Below we tell you everything you need to know for this exercise.

What do you need to make grasshoppers of Kourtney Kardashian?

The quick exercise of Kourtney Kardashian to tone buttocks.

© Jason Merritt/TERM

To make the grassshoppers of Kourtney Kardashian you just need a large space and a yoga ball, if you do not have one, you can add a few pillows that allow you to keep your body elevated from the ground.

What are the grasshoppers?

There are different variations of grasshopper, the most traditional is when you place your body in pushup position and bring your right knee towards the inside of your left arm and vice versa, quickly and taking small breaks that reminiscent of the movements of a grasshopper.

How to make the grasshopper of Kourtney Kardashian?

This simple movement will help you to work the glutes intensely.

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The grasshopper of Kourtney Kardashian it is a movement that is performed statically, supporting your lower abdomen on the yoga ball or the stack of pillows that you use. Lift the legs making a slight bending, contract the abdomen and buttocks to work correctly this movement, keep your arms stretched, and firmly on the floor or sosteniéndote some furniture in order to avoid swinging. If you want to add intensity, try an elastic band around your knees. Integrates 20 repetitions of this movement to your exercise routine.

What are the grasshoppers?

According to coach Amanda Lee for the site Kourtney Kardashianthe core of this exercise lies in the toning of the muscles of the buttocks. When you raise the legs, you will notice the effort there but also in your core abdominal to maintain stability, very similar to the intensity that you feel when you do a plank.

If you add intensity with a band of strength around your knees, you will also feel how they work your legs to the height of the quadriceps. So this quick exercise is also very comprehensive.