Fan Art of Superman (Henry Cavill) vs Black Adam (Dwayne Johnson)


It would be something incredible that we could see in the film a confrontation between Superman (Henry Cavill) vs Black Adam (Dwayne Johnson), but for now we settle with this spectacular Fan Art.

Henry Cavill was the star that began the DCEU with The Man of Steel in 2013, then appeared in two more films, Batman v Superman: dawn of Justice (2016) and Justice league (2017), and clearly was supposed to appear in more deliveries, but now its future as the great DC Comics superhero is uncertain. As Warner Bros. begins to move away from a format of the shared world, are giving more importance to the movies solo comor Shazam!, Aquaman, Wonder Woman 1984 or Black Adam that will be starring Dwayne Johnson.

So while the time of Henry Cavill as Superman appears to be exhausted, the moment Dwayne Johnson as Black Adam is coming. As he will have his own movie, and according to all reports will also appear in Shazam! 2 as the great rival of Billy Batson and the rest of his family.

The movie of Black Adam is scheduled for its premiere in December 2021, although the start of filming was delayed recently due to the pandemic of coronavirus. Anyway, Dwayne Johnson is very excited to begin, and the fans are equally anxious to see him take on the role.

But… What would happen if they were to face Black Adam and Superman in the same movie? Does not seem that we are going to check it out never, but at least we can see a spectacular Fan Art created by the artist ultraraw26.

Spectacular Fan Art of Superman (Henry Cavill) vs Black Adam (Dwayne Johnson)

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Who would win the fight?

Really Superman vs Black Adam is a battle of the titans. Both are very powerful and can fly. While Black Adam throws lightning with the hands, in the style of Shazam!, Superman has rays that cast by the eyes. While it would be pretty much even, Superman is stronger and probably win the fight. So sorry for Dwayne Johnson but Henry Cavill could give a good beating in the film.