Hackers who attacked law firm in the USA raise amount for data rescue


A group of hackers who stole secret files of a lawyer cyber, in the united States, rose to $ 42 million the amount to retrieve the data confiscated.

The cyber crooks REvil (as they call themselves) sent a message threatening the president Donald Trump with “revealing clothing dirty” if in a week do not receive the full amount, according to the daily Page Six.

The theft took place at the law firm of lawyer Allen Grubman, the defender is more prominent in the world of the show, which has clients such as Lady Gaga, Madonna, Mariah Carey, U2, Bruce Springsteen, Priyanka Chopra and Bette Midler, among others.

The group of hackers REvil stole 756 gigabytes of confidential documents, including contracts and personal emails of Hollywood stars and removed or encrypted backups of the company. For this reason, the only way to recover the data is with a key that they designed, revealed to page six.

In addition, published in the networks of a text that I quoted: “The rescue now (doubled) $ 42,000,000 (…) the next person that will post is Donald Trump. There are elections in course, and found a pile of dirty clothes on time. ”

In the face of such acts to the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI, for its initials in English) described the theft as a fact of international terrorism and was denied a “negotiating with terrorists”.

Also, an analyst from Emsisoft, Brett Callow, stated that “Even if they pay the demand ransom there is no guarantee that the criminals will destroy the stolen data if they have a high market value. The data can still be sold or exchanged”.

The law firm Grubman issued a press release expressing: “The experts and the FBI informed us that negotiate or pay a ransom to terrorists is a violation of the criminal law is federal. Even when you have paid enormous ransoms, criminals often filter out the documents anyway”.

He added that works in conjunction with the federal authorities to deal with the cyber theft of which they were victims and that will contribute to representing their clients with “professionalism”.