Hailee Steinfeld makes a trip to the past


Photo: Courtesy Fabián W. Waintal


I had not even met 15 years ago, when Hailee Steinfeld was nominated for an Oscar as Best supporting Actress for the film Tru Grit. But then followed the route of the awards represented by its generation, as the four nominations for Teen Choice Awards with the films of Perfect notes and My life as a seventeen. The same public that went to the Comic con, when they presented the first images of Bumblebee.

It is very fun to go to Comic-con, for all the enthusiasm that is seen in the people, with something that we have been working so hard, as the production of Bumblebee. It was a craze and it seemed to me that had lasted a lifetime, although it was all very fast.

I couldn’t wait to see it, sitting as a spectator more, to see what added around me, expecting it to be better than I imagined with the performance. I’m excited. But I got much more out of the experience of going out and seeing the fans (…) Is something that I had never lived, for all the action and the visual effects of the film. Our director, Travis Knight is amazing.”

The new film Transformers travels to 1987, when Hailee wasn’t even born, but it is in that epoch that begins the story of the blockbusters, with Bumblebee taking refuge in a junkyard, in a city near a beach in California, where a young girl of 18 years what he discovers, with a style of cinema that retrieves also the story that he had made famous Shia LaBeouf in 2007, the same year that Hailee Steinfeld had begun her career as an actress.

So to connect with the 80s, Steinfeld took the help of Travis Knight.

Luckily, our director had spent his childhood in the 80’s and was able to detail certain specific aspects of that era. But it wasn’t difficult to immerse myself in that era, which I also find fascinating is the style of fashion and music. That is also why I loved the step prior to the shoot, selecting costumes, hairstyle, and makeup, with a style of the best period of Madonna as an inspiration”.

On if he got to see the first tape of Transformers, pointed out that he remembered the first time he enjoyed it.

Photos: Paramount Pictures Mexico S. de R. L.

I love them all. I can’t help thinking how well they are made to the best visual level. But the first I loved it, and I think that, in a certain way, there is some resemblance with our tape, because the story has to do with what the characters live, beyond the action. Although, of course, is different, and there are also the special effects so famous films Transformersalthough this time the important thing are the characters.”

Do we need to see the previous versions to understand the beginning of the story?

We shot a film that can be enjoyed by itself, at the same time you can find certain topics that are enjoyed with other productions, supplemented with new things.”

To define her character, Steinfeld explains that it is “the typical teenager, misunderstood, hungry to be free, which in a sense is the freedom with a car. Shortly after, you discover that this car turns into something more (Bumblebee) and was born a friendship and a real adventure”.

She wants to start a new life, be a different person of all that lived before; looking to connect with the lost to escape (…) I can say that suffered a huge loss in their lives and try to fill that loss with love, friendship, or someone who understands. In the film there are a ton of emotions, relationships and conflicts, and all kinds of obstacles between Charlie and his friends, his family and the people that want it, but to know that part, go to the movies,” he says.

Steinfeld says that it was difficult to film certain scenes, though, he recognizes, had help to do its work.

It was definitely a challenge, but I was lucky because in front of me, at least, they hired a person, a professional circus performer, on stilts, to give me a little idea of the physique of a giant robot. There were moments in which his visual expressions were also very elaborate, because he tried to help me with the action, to react with their expressions. It was all very interesting, because it gave me the idea of what it would have sense if it had actually been in front of Bumblebee. But taking it out to him, the rest was as to act against a stick that he was holding a tennis ball, which is then transformed into something more, with a computer.

We had a wonderful coordinator for the action scenes and I owe a lot, because there were stunts that I did not dare to do and I could have a double that is risked for me. But there were also a lot where I had to face my fears and do it safe.”