How Ashley Benson let Cara Delevingne by G-Eazy?


Face, Ashley, and G-Eazy
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A few days ago we gave to know that in full quarantine and after almost two years of relationship, Ashley Benson and Cara Delevingne finalized their relationship and today, fans of the couple drew their own conclusions through social networks and believe that the star of Pretty Little Liars left the model on the other, G-Eazy to be specific.

According to a report shared by The Cut, it all started over the weekend when they went out to the light images in which he appeared to be the rapper in a supermarket Los Angeles accompanied by a woman that could not be reached to distinguish, but everything seems to indicate that it is Benson. Up to now, there is no reason to think that G-Eazy and Ashley are involved romantically, however, users of social networks believe that he was the reason they broke up.

While some fans are assured that it is he rapper is to blame for their separationothers believe that they are just friends and the rumor is an exaggeration.

The only thing that connects to G-Eazy and Ashley is that she collaborated with him on his video for “Creep” and that have been commented a few times via Instagram.

The Cut he noticed that Benson put a emoji red heart one of the publications of the rapper on Instagram and he replied with a emoji blue heart. The actress also commented in his publication of Valentine’s day: “Happy v-day, but you can’t be my girlfriend. The longest legs lol”.

Until now, Ashley Benson has not given a statement about it nor Cara Delevingne. At once some of the reactions from Twitter:

“Ashley Benson broke with Expensive … what about G-EAZY?”.

“Ashley Benson will Face Delenvigne to G-Eazy”.

“So Ashley Benson broke up with Cara Delevingne to come out with G-Eazy”.