How Serena Williams pregnant? Everything is possible


“Does Serena Williams pregnant with second baby? Anything is possible but I don’t know,” said Patrick Mouratoglou, coach of Serena and a co-founder of the next Ultimate Tennis Showdown. During the interview on UTS, the frenchman also spoke about several topics: Serena Williams, Dominic Thiem and Rafael Nadal.

According to Mouratoglou, Serena can still reach the record of Margaret Court: “I Would be willing to bet my money! Serena will win at least a Slam more before the end of his career.

Now you are in Florida, trains but you can’t play tennis, these are the rules. She will not lose her tennis, but the motivation is another thing,” Speaking of the last four painful end of a Slam missed by the champion american, said: “All were painful: four, Serena did not play as it should and could have done it, otherwise he would have won.

In these finals was far from his real level” Mouratoglou also spoke about what he said to Dominic Thiem on financial aid to players in difficulties: “Thiem was exposed without fear of being judged, but I don’t agree with him.

All what you need. But it is true that the prize money should be revised with more balance and equity” Talking about the upcoming UTS, it would seem that Rafael Nadal could also be the host of an event of this type in the future.

About Mouratoglou said: “Rafa is the greatest agonist in the sport:” I like the idea of competing with him! Seriously, any new idea is welcome. We need real matches waiting to dispel all the doubts related to the global pandemic of Covid -19: will we ever play? How we could travel the world? In the meantime, we must develop alternative ideas. If to the end of 2020 there will be tournaments, we must have a plan B valid,” he said.