“I think that there is something more out there…”


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MADRID, 26 Dec. (CulturaOcio – Adrian Miguel) –

Bumblebee hit theaters this Friday, December 28, and will not only. Because for the first time in the franchise Transformers a female character will be total and absolute protagonist of the film. The honor falls on the actress and singer Hailee Steinfeld, who has not hesitated to ensure that it “believes that there is something more out there.”

In the film directed by Travis Knight, Steinfeld plays Charlie, a depressed girl for the death of her father, who passes the time in a scrap yard. This is where you will find an old Beetle yellow that will prove to be the sympathetic Autobot fan favorite.

But of course, to have a friend like Bumblebee it is not an easy task. “There were quite a few obstacles in the film“he explained about his experience in shooting. “There are many scenes of climbing, jumping and running. The physical preparation that the character required was definitely a challenge,” he said during an interview granted to CulturaOcio in the presentation of Bumblebee in Berlin.

The actress, 22-year-old also responded to a few questions about his first film with beings from another planet. “What if I believe in aliens? Sure, I think there is something more out there… in space… yeah“replied mysterious when questioned on the possible existence of intelligent life beyond the confines earthlings.

The shooting Steinfeld is left with many great moments, such as “the scenes driving the car through the most beautiful places in San Francisco”, or the scenes with John Cena, the villain of the film. “It is super fun, I never get bored with that type“he said in the interview.

With just 22 years-old, Steinfeld has already worked with directors the likes of the Coen brothers (the Value of law), Gavin Hood (The game Ender) and now with Travis Knight. However, still dreaming about returning to his other great passion, music.

I’m in a series called Dickinson and we will finish the next year. Then I will go back to the music…“he explained about his upcoming projects. And by dreaming, not to stay, because, in addition to Bumblebee, Steinfeld also has pending premiere of the new Spiderman movie: A new universe”.

In A new universe, Hailee brought a voice to the SpiderWoman. And it is very clear. If one day your character gets to appear in the Marvel Universe, she wants to be who takes over the role.

A new universe was my first contact with that world. It was something really specialand if they make a live action film with SpiderWoman, I would love to make it,” he assured, fully convinced the actress.

Bumblebee hit theaters this Friday, December 28.