Imagine Henry Cavill as Superman’s classic


Henry Cavill looks great as a version of classical Superman. In a new fanartthe actor who has given life to the Son of Krypton in the latest films from Warner Bros and DC Cmics, porta the first suit that showed the superhroe in the mtico number 1 Action Comics in 1938. Using the appearance of the first appearance of the hroe created by Jerry Siegel and Joe Schuster, you try to delete the design dark and somewhat more realistic that has worn Cavill in the tapes of Zack Snyder.

A character that has had many aspects and versions

Although Superman existing in the comics since the end of the years thirty, the hroe was launched to fame thanks to a series of animated shorts produced between 1943 and 1941 which are issued in cinemas. All conceived their icnica form and elegant mix of colors-red and blue-that what anger acompaando year after year. His first ribbon came in 1948and in 1978ocd heaven, with the success of Christopher Reevethe blockbuster that mold a genre special that gives you today is the ms house of few premiered in the movie theaters. After Brandon Routh pass Henry Cavilland with l, the aspect ms realistic of the character of DC on the big screen. The history of the superhroe has had many faces and Vandal Random we have reviewed all with ahnco, but we recognize that Cavill has a special place in our heart.

Although it remains to be seen if Superman still has a place in the DCEU in the constant evolution of Warner, the look of Cavill in the costume classic, no-frills dark, convinces us especially. It seems a version up-to-date uniform of Brandon Routh in Superman Returnssomething that we believe can be married with the hroe and savior of Metrpolis. The work, responsibility of Dalton Checkers Barrett, can be found on his Instagram along with other versions of the characters in the comic.

Alberto Gonz