Jaden, son of Will Smith, celebrates the Grammy for her boyfriend rapper – Sheep Pink


Tyler The Creator is the rapper who has won the Grammy “Best rap album” in this last edition for his album IGOR. A title well deserved and that Jaden Smith wanted to celebrate by everything high, asserting in their social networks that “my boyfriend just won a Grammy“.

It is easy to know if a term is metaphorical or literal, if Willow, her sister, belongs or not to the LGBT community, but what we do see clearly is that the Smith family is fully free of prejudices. A while ago that her sister, Willow, stated that he was bisexual in a TV program, saying that he loved men and women. Their parents have always laughed at the rumors about relationships, extra-marital homosexual Will-mainly with Duane Martin and his son Jaden many times it has been dressed in clothing and jewellery “feminine”.

Wide reading with The son of Will Smith receives rave reviews for wearing with feminine garments and his father defends this way.

Whether it is true or not, these statements have become super viral, reaching half a million reactions. And that already two years ago, Jaden was referred to Tyler as her boyfriend in the Festival Camp Flog Gnaw Carnival in 2018 with a “Tyler is my fucking boyfriend. And has been my boyfriend for my entire fucking life.”

Lee also Willow Smith declares that he is bisexual. “I love men and women alike.”