Johnny Depp blames Amber Heard: “Defecated in my bed as a kind of joke sick”


Following the broadcast of an audio actress Amber Heard makes a mockery of the denunciation of Johnny Depp by physical violence and admits to have been she the aggressor, the artist that gave life to Jack Sparrow gave new statements against his former wife.

The actor made a reference to an instance in the defamation lawsuit against the actress in “Aquaman” in which relates that on one occasion she hit him repeatedly for “unpunctual”, despite the fact that he had been warned that I had a board long.

“Among other violent acts, Ms. Heard gave me a punch in the face repeatedly while I was lying in bed reading after the party, leaving me with a swelling in the form of egg below the left eye”, noted the documents submitted to the court.

As evidence of his statement, Johnny Depp presented a photograph of his injured facewhich was taken by his friend to Be Bett.

But that was not all, as detailed in the declarations, Johnny Depp accused Amber Heard have defecado in your bed in the form of a “joke”, that he called in sick, so I decided to start the order of divorce.

“Heard or one of your friends defecated in my bed as a kind of joke sick before you go together to the Coachella valley,” said the actor of “Pirates of the Caribbean”, who said that his property manager, Kevin Murphy, said that the stools were “just a joke harmless”.

When Amber Heard was informed of the request for divorce of Johnny Deppthis he called his friend, the television presenter and american activist iO Tillett Wright, who joined to make fun of the actor, while denying the incident of defecation and said that everything was a product of his imagination, despite the fact that he had a photograph as proof.