Justin Bieber is an example for his younger brother Jaxon Bieber


LOS ANGELES (united States).- “What is learned in the family will never forget! Justin Bieber is transmitting their skills BMX, also known as a motocross bike, to his younger brother, Jaxon Bieber. The Grammy winner posted pictures of their day of union, and revealed that he is teaching the little how to do BMX, with the help of his father, Jeremy Bieber.

Dad and I teaching @jaxonbieber to do BMX“, subtituló Justin in a picture of both riding a bike on a basketball court empty. In a separate publication in your personal account of Instagram, Jaxon wrote: “One of my favorite days of all time“. He added the hashtags, “3”, “bmx” and “thxbro”, which made the occasion even more special for the fans.

Jaxon, who was wearing a helmet and pads, he shared two photos with his older brother. The first snapshot was of the closeup of Justin with a protective hand on the helmet of his brother. The second was a lighter photo of the same snapshot that Justin released. He wore a green hoodie from his clothing company, Drew’s House.

The wife of Justin, Hailey Baldwin, is also in quarantine with the singer and her family in Canada. The group is isolated in an impressive mansion which is located in front of the lake. The couple, who fled to a ceremony at the courthouse in 2018, and held a formal reception with family and friends in 2019, they’re giving fans a look up close and personal into their lives in a new program, The Biebers on Facebook Watch.

On the other hand, Justin Bieber has also just released a new song with his fellow seal, Ariana Grande. Last week both left ringing in their social networks, the topic titled “Stuck With U”. In addition, the former star of Nickelodeon explained that all the proceeds from the new song will be destined to charity, so that their views and downloads in the various platforms have multiplied.