Justin Bieber reveals his problem with acne


The singer Justin Bieber, confirmed during the new episode of “The Biebers on Watch,” his recent series of quarantine for Facebook, he and his partner suffer from severe acne as adults.

The young married couple Justin and Hailey Bieber told his fans in this social network that to them they have had to deal with acne for years. In this sense, the model Hailey 23-year-old noticed that their acne began when you started using the contraceptive methods.

She explained that her face blossomed more in the last year due to the IUD because I’d never been on birth control before, so her hormones were a little out of control because of this.

Hailey said that her area terrible was the front, while the singer of 25 years indicated that I thought that your acne would disappear with adolescence but “now it is so cystic and is as bubbly and won’t disappear ever”.

Justin Bieber said that “it definitely bothers me. I wear a hat a lot more, which probably makes it worse” and has destroyed her self-confidence by which what is regarded as a terrible evil.

Finally, Bieber spoke about the famous and non-famous, who think they have perfect skin because they use too much filters of Instagram.

“All of these filters in Instagram, as you know, the people they look perfect with your skin and you feel that it is a reality. But in reality, many people probably have bad skin,” he said.

“I had always thought, when I started having acne a while ago, it would appear if I estresaba a lot, but not that it would be. Now it is cystic and will not disappear,” concluded the singer.

In the midst of his “show” the model we prepared a “skin care” to her husband, who suffers from adult acne while you have been chatting about the importance of taking care of the skin. Hailey has confessed also that she has inherited good genes and has a good skin, however, is concerned about the care we must give to this.

“Probably to use caps it makes it worse but, I mean, who likes to acne? The worst thing is,” said Bieber.