Kevin Jonas joked that the new music of the Jonas Brothers will create more children


The eldest of the brothers Jonas commented on new music, the family, and more during HappE! Hour!

What could come more baby Jonas on the way?

On Wednesday, Kevin Jonas had a virtual interview with the presenter of E! News Scott Tweedie in his series of HappE! Hour. During this exclusive chat, the artist of “Sucker” opened up about the new music that he and his brothers will be launching tomorrow, may 15.

The first song, titled “X,” may be familiar to fans of the Jonas Brothers already plays in the credits of his documentary ‘Happines Continues’. And the eldest of the brothers commented that they are very excited by the launch of this song.

“It’s amazing. It is a collaboration with Karol G” Kevin told E!. “I’m the most excited for this song, I’ve been waiting for a long time.”

“Oh, may this song go!!! Can this song create more children,” stated the artist of 32 years. “I don’t know, we’ll see. It is a good one.”

To know all the details of what he said and more, click on the video above!