Kingdom Hearts: Sora could come back in the form of series to Disney Plus


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Disney Plus started with the right foot creating own content for your platform, and it was only a matter of time for that another of its franchises (shared with Square Enix) had his show.

You speak of Kingdom Hearts, a title that has the 20 years since its launch to PlayStation 2and that had its most recent delivery in the past year with Kingdom Hearts III for PS4.

When this title was announced it was a big surprise, since it was a RPG combining the best of Square Enix and the characters of Disney, including the protagonists: Sora, Donald and Goofy, as well as to support characters from games such as Final Fantasy.

The originality of this formula continues in force until the day of today, and therefore it is not strange that Disney want to continue capitalizing on this product.

Do a series of Kingdom Hearts for Disney Plus?

The new rumors indicate that studies of the house mouse are developing a television series based on Kingdom Heartsespecially for Disney Plus; although there are still no specifications on who will appear or what it will try.

However, it seems that the main idea is that the protagonist is again Sora traveling through different worlds of the movies that we already know.

Kingdom Hearts

It will be a kind of reboot of the history that we have already presented, more than a continuation of the games.

This, in addition, because it would be a little complicated to get to include characters of franchises like Final Fantasy (which if you remember were also absent during the last game).

Although, without doubt, a cameo by Cloud Strife would cause an increase in popularity instant.

We will have to wait, and cross your fingers that the adaptation of Disney Plus can do justice to the history of Kingdom Hearts.

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