Kourtney Kardashian… Is she pregnant? She explains on Instagram


Each time the Kardashian shared a new photo on Instagram, any detail, however small, can call the attention of his followers and be quickly pulled out of context.

In the last selfie that has been shared Kourtney Kardashian, for example, appears posing in front of a mirror to show the tight body that had been sheathed. To leave the most favoured possible, adopted one of the poses favorite that often turn her sisters and her: with the back arched, hip cocked and one leg crossed slightly in front of the other.

This posture highlighted perhaps more than normal the area of your tummy and soon have begun to circulate rumors about a possible pregnancy. The celebrity, who is the mother of three children along with her ex Scott Disick, has been taken with philosophy the comments about her physical and has responded directly to one of those who has received the photo to clarify that it is not expecting another baby.

What has caught the attention of their fans, however, has been the tagline that has been added at the end to say: “I am Not, as I would like.”

Many have interpreted that “as I would like,” as definitive proof that his relationship with the young model Younes Bendjima, to which he returned to give it another chance recently, it has established itself completely. Their reconciliation was made official when he attended the traditional christmas party organised by the media clan and Kourtney was included in one of the snapshots of the evening that you shared on your social networks.