Kylie Jenner accused of forging the challenge fruit Snack of Stormi


Kylie Jenner is now being accused of faking the challenge Tik Tok of his daughter. (Photo: Josh Park / CC BY-SA (

Kylie Jenner received high praise after his daughter, Stormi, successfully overcame his “Fruit Snack Challenge”. However, there are rumors that the tv personality of 22 years falsified the test and that someone was coaching his son behind the camera.

Some think that there was someone standing in front of Stormi, who was telling him what to do at that moment. However, some believed that the statement did not make sense, and Kylie Jenner is excellent in the upbringing of the children.

The multi-millionaire self-made, he joined a challenge of Tik Tok, where you would put a bowl of candy in front of your child and would put her to the test. He would say to his son that it could take several pieces of candy, but had to wait to test your patience.

Then, when the mogul of make-up placed a huge bowl of candy on the table in front of his son, told him that he could have three parts, but that had to wait for the return of her mother after walking out the door. When it was, the camera continued filming to see the behavior of Stormi, and I was waiting patiently for his mother to return to receive their goodies.

Although a lot of people praising the parenting style of Kylie Jenner, some were “finding faults” in the video, noted Celebrity Insider. While Stormi looked at the bowl of candy, looking repeatedly something, or someone, in front of her. Therefore, many believed that someone was training for that not to eat sweets.

There was even a point in that Stormi was prepared to get a sweet, but stopped. While still looking to the front, to hold back from eating, he looked again and began to repeat the word “patience”.

Anyway, when his mother returned, Stormi screamed with excitement. Kylie Jenner asked her daughter if she was expecting, and the child laughed, “Yes!”

The media personality receives many compliments and plaudits for the child of 2 years. Some even compared their children with her, even her sister, Kim Kardashian. In the publication, the wife of Kanye West revealed that his children, primarily the Saint and Chi, would not pass the test.

“My god, how perfect!” she said. “This would NOT be the case with Chi!!! Or especially with Saint”.

Chrissy Teigen also left a comment in his publication, saying that he would create his own Fruit Snack Challenge with your children, although I already knew that Moon had no opportunity to resist, but Thousands yes. Anyway, Kylie Jenner has not yet commented on the issue that forged the video of Stormi.

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