Kylie Jenner I shared a photo that looks completely natural, no filter or edit


Kylie Jenner it is one of the personalities ms-acclaimed in the world of fashion. Your image is usually cause trend after each occurrence public.

This time, the youngest of the Clan Kardashian I decided to upload a photo in which he looks totally natural, without uses filters or later editions.

It happens that the young and showed your body and quickly, several followers noticed some marks on his skin that caught the attention.

What is certain is that the small scars of the model come to break up with this idea of perfection total that the sisters tend to emanate.

In appearance, it is estras related to your pregnancy of the small Stormi, his first and, until now, only daughter.

Just, on the other hand, celebrity I came back to cause furor in the networks when you publish a video in which it looks to the nia for two years fulfilling a challenge.

Kylie asked to Stormi who is not to eat the candy until she returned, and surprisingly the baby was and aguant their desire hacindole case to your mam.