Lady Gaga will premiere her new album at the end of may



Almost a month and a half later than initially anticipated, ‘Chromatica’, the sixth album of the singer Lady Gaga, will finally arrive to the tents and platforms for streaming and download on may 29th. So what has been announced by the own interpreter in your social networks to give all a joy to their fans in these troubled times marked by the global spread of the coronavirus.

Remember that, in the beginning, the pop star had planned to return in style to the music scene on the 10th of April, a date that was finally discarded, as explained by the star in a statement, due to the critical moment that is lived by then with respect to the evolution of the health crisis.

“We are living through a stage terrifying and chaotic, all of us. And although I think that art is one of the strongest tools that we have for the enjoyment and to heal wounds in moments like this, right now I don’t feel that it’s appropriate for me to premiere the album, with everything that is happening in the wake of this pandemic,” noted the diva of new york, who ten days later published the list of themes of the aforementioned disc.

Shortly after, Lady Gaga abanderaba a laudable initiative of solidarity, is nothing less than a mass concert in which the participants were operating from home and that it was issued through the internet, to raise funds in the fight against the pandemic. ‘One World: Together at Home’, featured the participation of figures of the stature of Paul McCartney, Elton John or the Rolling Stones, and was organized in collaboration with the World Health Organization.