Lizzo decide to stay away from Twitter for negative comments about her weight


The american singer Melissa Vivianeor better known as Lizzo announced that it will be temporarily removed from the social network Twitter. Through a tweet, the interpreter commented that he could not more. This after the various users will begin to make bullying regarding their weight.

The problems began in December, when a doctor referred to her as someone who normalizes obesity:

Lizzo is popular because there is an obesity epidemic in America. Instead of encouraging people to be better, simply we are saying and lying that are good as they are. Unfortunately many of these people are dying from diabetes and heart problems.

In this regard, the singer replied:

I am popular because I write good songs and because I’m talented and because I give shows energetic one-hour, in addition to the shows are filled with love. The only person who needs to be a better you. Away my name from your mouth and look at yourself in the mirror before you come for me. Here is the attention you wanted.

After that the people in the social network began to talk about the body of Lizzo. A few giving the reason to the doctor and bother them about their weight, and others sympathized with her and sent expressions of support and love.

However, rather than continue replying to and accountable to users, Lizzo he preferred to keep quiet and retire Twitter indefinitely.

But if something is sure, it is that Lizzo won the hearts of the public by his talent. Proof of this was the incredible year he’s had, in which he was nominated for eight Grammys and was named by the Time magazine as Entertainer of the Year.