People of the Area appreciated the support of their fans in these times

The duo of urban music, of cuban origin, People of the Area, said in the Instagram thanking his fans for all the support and messages of love in these difficult times.

“What to where it has arrived to us your support? To take to heart! This launch took place at a very particular moment for the world. We want to take time to thank you for all your messages of affection. We are happy by giving them good music and bringing a little joy to their homes”, they wrote.

The message of appreciation for the visual support that he has received his new video clip “Girl” next to Becky G, one of its members, Randy, appeared in a photo with the hand on your chest.

The cubans also stood out in his Instagram that he had to continue positive in the new phase begins.

“How many things we create that day with the entire team!”, said about the filming of “Girl”.

Without a doubt, an experience that would repeat time and time again. And what about You with that attitude are entering the end of the Week?”, asked their fans.

The cubans, as you would imagine they keep very active in social networks, sharing photos of the group and personal, and the making of the new hit musical. The YouTube video had already surpassed 10 million views in just three weeks.

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