Pornhub offers to convey the Film Festival Oldenburg


The Film Festival of Oldenburg had to cancel its issue number 26, due to the pandemic of covid-19, however Pornhub offered to pass it on. The German festival focuses on tapes that are considered avant-garde, and last week announced its cancellation.

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Corey Price made the offer last week, after the festival scheduled for September completion, with a combination of projections by online and physical, according to what he says Variety.

The festival of Oldenburg is of a smaller scale than the Berlin, but he is considered the “Sundance German”. This is not the first time that Pornhub he works in the cinema, or who has a link with this festival. Since the 2019 premiered at the appointment the short Her&Him produced by the platform and directed by Bella Thorne.

“We would love to raise the event to something more than just view the content online and take advantage of the digital format to engage audiences around the world,” says Price. He added that “this will provide a viewing experience very different.”

However, the festival still not pronounced on the offering of Pornhub.

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