Real Madrid | The friendship between Zidane and Pinault is key to sign Camavinga


Camavinga has become the great goal for the center of the field always produce some outputs in the white template and that your price will not go up much by the bid there are, mainly, with PSG and Juventus. As reported, there have already been the first contacts between Real Madrid and player. The Rennes has expressed his intention not to sell, but there is one fact that can be a determining factor in the operation by the medium of origin angolan, the great friendship existing between Zidane and François-Henri Pinault, son of Francois Pinault, the tycoon (third fortune France) owner of Rennes.

Escudo/Bandera Real Madrid

Sources knowledgeable of the situation with respect to Camavinga claim to this newspaper that, at the time, the good relationship between François-Henry and Zidane would be enough to see Camavinga in Madrid. Tooth are known in the higher echelons of French society since more than a decade ago. They have been photographed together at multiple public events, particularly associated with the Foundation of the fight against ALS that both have been driven with much force. In 2009, for example, launched together a campaign, Gift for Chance, in favour of the affected children.

The fight against this difficult disease has united them much to the two, and Zidane has not wanted to miss the events organized by François-Henri, to the point that even the own Zidane, he has been seen participating in campaigns to seek funds on the stadium of Rennes. It has also been seen to Zidane next to François-Henri Pinault and his glamorous partner, Salma Hayek, at the stage of the Stade de France watching the French team. It happened, for example, in the France-Ireland as controversial by the hand of Henry that left early without Euro. In 2012, the three (Zidane, Pinault and Hayek) were granted the Legion of Honor by the country in a joint event with other great personalities.

Pinault, Hayek, and Zidane in the box at the Stade de France.

The good relationship between the son of the mogul Pinault and Zidane was evident, also, in 2016, when Odegaard was on the point of going on loan to Rennes. The young player, who was then 16 years old, he was even caught watching a game on the computer in the box at the Roazhon Park. But the transaction is not consummated because of the risk that existed of non-compliance of the regulations of the FIFA. The research to Madrid for the breach of the regulations on the Status Transfer of Players by the case of the minors was in progress. “It will not come this summer because of their age. Until December does not meet the 18 and Real Madrid do not want to take risks, because we do not yet know the answer to his appeal to the sanction of FIFA,” said Mikael Silvestre, then adviser of the president of Rennes, in the RMC.

Odegaard, hunted in Rennes.

Now there’s a new name on the table that joins the two entities, the Camavinga. With 17 years is the new pearl of european football. The magnate François Pinault (83 years) has given orders that won’t sell. Or, at least, does not repeat the ridiculous staged with Dembelé, who sold to Borussia for 20 million and then the germans pierced to the club for 140. Either way, the friendship between the son of the magnate, and Zidane leaves the Madrid as the best positioned for a future exit.