Rihanna ensures that “lost” his new album


If it serves of consolation to their fans, even Ariana Grande has joined the chorus of pleas.

After acknowledging the work of Rihanna for the relief of the coronavirus, she admitted that she also wants new music.

“I think it’s time. What I need to. Do you know what I mean?”, said Large Zane Lowe in Apple Music. “I’m sorry. I will hate you for saying that, but I want it so much. I understand that. What I appreciate”.

She continued, “Can you publish it and then go and then go back to work? And I am buying the intimate garments. I’m buying the makeup. I’m listening to ANTI. I’m listening to Unapologetic. I’m listening to Loud. All days, really what I’m doing.”

“I’m so angry because I hate when people tell me this,” admitted Big, “but now that you say it, okay.”