Rihanna joins in the ranking of the musicians most rich the Uk, beating Elton John and Mick Jagger


In the XXI Century it is increasingly apparent that the arrival of new technologies has allowed the consumption of culture increases exponentially due to access much more widespread to the music, film, and other artistic expressions by the users.

For that reason, figures from the world of music as the pop singer Rihanna, who are heard and followed by millions and millions of fans who buy albums and tickets to concerts (and anything that you want to get to the sale, in reality), are the more wealthy of their countries of residence and of the whole world.

According to the annual list that reports the british The Sunday Times about the musicians, most rich the Uk, the artist of Barbados, resident in London for some time, has crept between the first positions of this ranking with a fortune estimated at 468 million pounds (521 million euros), as revealed by this Wednesday the local media.

With this third position, Rihanna has managed to overtake other great musicians with careers rather longer than she such as the very Elton John and Mick Jagger, who occupy the fourth and fifth place respectively.

Elton John during his performance in the macro-concert in solidarity of a Global Citizen
Elton John during his performance in the macro-concert in solidarity of the Global Citizen (Global Citizen)
Above the singer (and, from some time ago, entrepreneur), who is the first woman in the ranking, listed by Andrew Lloyd Webber and the exBeatle Paul McCartney, who occupy the first position by a tie at the knead each one 800 million pounds (893 million euros).

As has specified the own Sunday Times, to calculate the extortionate heritage of Rihanna must primarily take into account the proceeds from the signing of cosmetics Fenty Beauty, which owns a 15 percent stake, valued at 351 million pounds (391 million euros).

“Somehow we have caught everyone by surprise,” said Robert Watts, the manager of this list of cited half-british, which has said that the reason almost no one will wait for the post of the singer in the list is that “very few people knew that (Rihanna) was living in the Uk until last summer.”

The singer, who turned 32 years old last February and he has since 2016 without publishing a new album, is an exception in this classification of the musicians most rich of the country, for the greater part of them reached the stardom world in the decades of 60 and 70.

The artist, who also owns the lingerie line, “Savage X Fenty” and gets money in royalties (”royalties”) for hits such as issues such as SOS, Umbrella and Only Girl In The World, has become the female artist most rich not only in this country but all over the world, on top of other divas like Madonna, Celine Dion and Beyoncé, according to remember the BBC.

Among the top 40 of the rankings, only the british Ed Sheeran and Adele are still younger than Rihanna, with a fortune of around 200 and the £ 150 million (222 and 167 million euros) respectively. In positions lower on the list also contained new entries corresponding to the new generation of pop stars, such as Dua Lipa, 24 years old, and George Ezra, a 26, that own each wealth valued at 16 million pounds (17.8 million euros).