Robert Downey Jr. in Tropic Thunder: a crazy role


I still find it funny when people take to identify Robert Downey Jr. in Tropic Thunder. So a good actor is. Of course, some notice it faster for your presentation at the beginning of the tape, or the trailer, but those that arrive unexpectedly, and believe that they are seeing an actor of color on the screenalways react in ways shocking to notice it.

Even when you view it in perspective, the fact that Robert Downey Jran actor respected in that point of his career, he decides to do “blackface” for a ribbon of comedy, it is still an action risky that not just anyone would have expected to see in the TWENTY-first century. However, the paper was approved by the people of the black community in the united States, and the interpretation is still remembered as one of the best of his career (being nominated for the Golden globe, which he lost to Heath Ledger), a perfect satire of the actors “method” of Hollywood.

But, to review the genius, we must go much further back in time.

The “blackface” at one time it was something common in the american cinema. Not wanting to integrate people of color in the films, the directors opted to paint the faces of their actors to look like black people, or of any other race (also known yellowface, that is what they did with the characters that they wanted to be asian). With the time was disappearing, and was designated as an act racist, especially because in some festivals, it was customary to dress in “blackface”, but always highlighting certain traits in a negative way. At present the president of Canada, Justin Trudeau, was accused of racism for dressing that way in a party.

Therefore, to see that kind of makeup or interpretation in this was unthinkable. However, when Ben Stiller he thought of the idea of Tropic Thunder, thought of making fun of the actors Hollywood we will take very seriously their roles, completely changing your physique, while at the same time did a trial on that dark past of cinema. Robert Downey Jr. he accepted although he said it was a bad idea, and the result was perfect, besides that –of course, the paper only fit within the context of the movie-.

Tropic Thunder, 2008

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Madness is thus: RDJ he plays an actor australian Kirk Lazarus, blond, blue eyes, who, to participate in the ribbon Tropic Thunder (within the film), decides to transform, using a particular pigment in your skin, using pupilentes dark as to appear to be african-american, and so take the role of the Sergeant Lincoln Osiris. As it is a “method actor” at all times acts as if it were within their role, even when they are not filming the movie dummy. In fact, there are some recordings in which RDJ is still in character even when he was not working in front of the camera.

According to Downey, he took the basis of Russell Crowe, Colin Farrell, and Daniel Day-Lewis, celebrated actors known for being arrogant and take very seriously their profession. On the character said: “in The end, it’s always about how well you commit to the character. If I came to feel that it was morally wrong or that would be misinterpreted or that I’m C. Thomas Howell (Soul Man), I would have stayed at home.” Similarly, the fact that he was a black actor on the set (Brandon T. Jackson) and that your character will take care of pointing out the racism, helped to improve that perspective.

Tropic Thunder, 2008

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As a way of preventing disputes, Ben Stiller took the tape to the NAACP (north american Association for the advancement of colored people), in addition to that presented to various journalists, african americans, having an answer rather positive.

However, the tape itself caused controversy, but not because of Downey, but for Ben Stiller and the movie false of his character, which was about a child with mental disabilities. This caused a version of the tape came out with an advertisement that encouraged people not to use the negative terms that are heard in the work.

The reception of the film highlighted the dual interpretation of Robert Downey Jr, and today it is considered one of the best comedies of the TWENTIETH century, unmatched by any other comedy. It is worth going over it and enjoy this unusual moment.