The emotional revelations of Priyanka Chopra on the disease of your husband Nick Jonas | News


It is not a secret for anyone that to Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas they are united by a great love, what few know is that in addition, the actress he professes a deep admiration to her young husband because of a special situation. The singer was diagnosed with diabetes type one when I was 13 years old, however, he has always said that this condition is not an obstacle to lead a normal life. In a recent interview, the interpreter of indian origin spoke about how his life has been with spouses dealing together against the disease. “Initially, when we got married, I could not understand the fact that he knew when he lowered the sugar, even when I was sleeping!”he told the star Quantico in the program The View. Priyanka confessed that it took him a while to get used to the condition of her husband, explaining that often “he woke up in the middle of the night to check if everything was okay”. But the actress was realizing that the fact of carrying more than half of his life with diabetes, I had made that Nick knew how to keep things under control. “He has been caring for his diabetes since he was so young that it just has a discipline crazy about it. He knows exactly what to do, when to do it”, he told Chopra, who has been a witness that the youngest of the Jonas Brothers has not ceased to enjoy their days by having this condition. “He lives the life in a big way. Has not restricted itself from nothing. Practice any sport, is on tour, he lives an amazing life. It is very inspiring to see him”pointed out the actress of 37 years. And it is precisely that style of life has been which the interpreter wished to promote through his foundation. “When he began Beyond Type 1, your foundation, that is what I wanted to show people. Even if you have type 1 diabetes doesn’t mean your life has to be different. You can live it to the fullest. It is very inspiring to me”reiterated the Hollywood star, who last April joined in marriage with the singer.