The gift of quarantine of Elle Fanning for Salma Hayek


Salma Hayek Elle Fanning
Salma Hayek and Elle Fanning in Berlin. Photo: Getty Images

Elle Fanning sent a survival kit in quarantine for Salma Hayek. The actresses became very close when they worked together in the movie The Roads Not Takenwhich , by the way, apenitas managed to premiere in the Berlin film Festival before the pandemic, but not enough to get to the cinema. But the friendship between the two continued and now Elle gives something very special to Salma.

“Thank you for my gift, it is perfect for the quarantine! Vodka, letters and The Great I love it!”, wrote Hayek in the post from Instagram. This is a kit —which also received Kate and Laura Mulleavy of Rodarte, with basic to see the new series of Fanning: The Great.

In it plays Catherine the Great, who was not a nobody and went on to be the female ruler with the longest reign in the history of Russia. The best thing is that it is a comedy-satirical, so you will have a very distinct form to tell us about the history of this monarch.

Everything indicates that She already saw the series. “It definitely is a must! And as always, your performance is flawless!”commented on the characterization of Elle as Catherine the empress. We know that The Great is warranty because it is written and produced by Tony McNamara, winner of the Oscar for another drama of time, The Favoritewith Olivia Colman and Emma Stone. So, the real drama is their specialty.

In addition, in this series, Nicholas Hoult is the one who makes partner with Elle and there could not be another actor for the character. Hoult plays Peter of Russiacharacter , of whom it is said, was very weak of character and inept for the task of ruling, so Catherine took the reins, and preferred to ignore her husband. The Great it portrays the struggle between Catherine and Peter, almost to the deathby the throne of Russia.

This is an original series of Hulu and even though this platform does not exist as such in Mexico, you will come across Starz Play on the 18th of June. And the best thing is that you can hire this streaming platform within Amazon Prime Video, and so you have your favorite series in one place only.