The next album of Lady Gaga includes collaborations with Ariana Grande and Elton John


Lady Gaga revealed Wednesday the list of songs that will be part of your next album, ‘Chromatica’that will include collaborations with Ariana Grande, Elton John and Blackpinkand that was going to be launched this month of April but had to be postponed by a coronavirus.

The announcement of the topics came hours after the supermarket chain Target, one of the most important of the united States, published in its web page all the titles of the songs without notice, which caught the attention of the followers.

The song of Gaga with Ariana Grande will be the fourth song on the album, ‘Rain on Me’while your collaboration with Elton John will be in the track 14, with the name ‘Sine From Above’. ‘Sour Candy’, in the track 10, is the title of the song recorded with the band of K-pop Blackpink. In addition, it calls attention that you have up to three compositions with the name of the album, ‘Chromatica’, spread over the beginning, middle, and end of the album as a parts ‘I’, ‘II’ and ‘III’.

Gaga announced a few weeks ago, the decision to postpone the publication of the disk by the coronavirus. According to the artist, the launch would be accompanied by “surprises”, as a secret concert in Coachellathe festival of spring, which had to be postponed until fall, as other concerts. “This is a hectic time and terrifying for all of us, and although I think that art is one of the things stronger than we are, to give us joy and healing in moments like this, I just don’t seem right to launch this album with everything that is happening during this global pandemic”, he justified the author of hits like ‘Bad Romance’ and ‘Born This Way’.

The first single from ‘Chromatica’, called ‘Stupid Love’, debuted in late February as the first original song that Gaga published -except the compositions for the film ‘a star is born’- from their album ‘Joanne’, 2016, and the first issue completely pop since the launch of ‘Artpop’ in 2013, after hits like ‘Poker Face’ or ‘Born This Way’.

During the quarantine by the coronavirus, Gaga organized in collaboration with the World Health Organization (WHO) the concert of solidarity ‘A World: Everyone in the house’in the that they acted from their homes and the Rolling Stones, Maluma, Jennifer Lopez, Paul McCartney and Stevie Wonder, among others, and raised more than $ 127 million for the pandemic.