The reason why they initially rejected Henry Cavill


All who have seen the series The Witcher they must have been hooked with the performance of Henry Cavill, the actor who plays the role of the protagonist, sorcerer, Geralt of Rivia. But what happens if you say that Cavill he almost did not interpret the hunter of monsters?

According to ScreenRant, the manager of the adaptation of Netflix of The Witcher, Lauren Schmidtwas not a big fan of Henry Cavill in the beginning. Why? Because found it to be very insistent.

It turns out that when Cavill found out that the platform for streaming was going to adapt the books of the Polish Andrzej Sapkowski, the English pushed their agents to get a meeting with Schmidt, when even I was not even ready, the script of the series.

The insistence of Cavill would not have liked to Schmidt, since it didn’t see sense to meet so early, and decided to reject the actor.

However, once the script was ready and that Schmidt began with the search to find the interpreter of Geralt of Rivia, everything changed.

After more than 200 actors have tried their luck and audicionaran for the role, Schmidt decided that none of them had the voice Henry Cavill and therefore, finally agreed to meet him for an audition.

The also interpreter Superman I knew about the history of the series, because I knew the books and was a fan of the videjuegos. Naturally, their hearing was not to the liking of Schmidt , who found Cavill to your witch-hunter of monsters.

The Witcher has the first season available on Netlix. It is expected that a second delivery to arrive during the year 2021.

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