The short mini Jennifer Lopez at the age of 50 that leaves everyone without words


May 13, 2020
(18:37 CET)

Exercise is one of the maxims of Jennifer Lopez. The american singer does not spare even one of the sessions that you have planned in your planning for the week. You can’t if you want to keep the guy who looks to their 50 years.

Guidelines Jennifer accompanied with a healthy and balanced diet. The singer designs her menus next to your nutritionist Kelvin Fernandez. He is in charge of putting every day a dish on the table of the artist, Alex Rodriguez and the children of both. And it leaves nothing to chance in some diets much studied, balanced and healthy.

Jennifer Lopez dazzles its 50 years

It is fair to say that, as some say, Jennifer has also gone by the plastic surgeon to retouch some parts of the body. And that may be true.

But what it also is, and leaves no doubt, is that JLo you have to work to keep it. And new york does not fail.

The only way you can starring appearances stellar as the one that took place in the rest of the SuperBowl the past February 2. Or like when played Ramona in Hustlerstape , which premiered in Spain at the end of last year in which she played Ramona, a con-artist who works as a Stripper. In our country, was entitled Scammers of Wall Street, and she offered the viewers a dance with the bar spectacular.

The outfit that you had not seen Jennifer Lopez

A tipazo that you love to teach in the pictures hanging on the social networks, with outfits very suggestive and risque.

However, the diva Bronx you do not need to be as explicit as Emily Ratajkoswski or Kendall Jenner to leave his followers with the mouth open. Enough outfits like the one that we show you below to remove the hiccups to more than one. And that in July it will comply 51 years old. “impressive”, “Spectacular” or “a goddess”, they write in the network.