The story of the bromance between Tom Holland and Jake Gyllenhaal


From the production of Spider-Man: far from home (2019), and specifically since its launch in cinemas, we have been witnesses of the bromance that arose among the actors Tom Holland and Jake Gyllenhaal. Despite their difference of ages (Tom is 23 years old while Jake turned 39 in December), both seem to feel a great affection and respect for one another.

That’s why, in Homosensual we did a summary of this bromance that inspires many fantasies in the LGBTQ+. TOM HOLLAND CHALLENGES JAKE GYLLENHAAL TO CHALLENGE SHIRTLESS.

What is a bromance?

Bromance, according to the RAE, is the relationship that arises between two men and despite being very close, this never involves sex. The bromance is a relationship stronger than friendship, but never enough passionate to be in a relationship. Also, this type of relationship includes a space of trust between two men where they break the stereotypes of masculinity that patriarchal societies have imposed.

In summary and for our emotional health, according to the WHOall men should have a bromance. “WE ARE IN LOVE”: TOM HOLLAND AND CHRIS PRATT.

bromance jake gyllenhaal tom
Jake Gyllenhaal and Tom Holland are the perfect example of a bromance. / Photo: Cinepolis

The beginnings of the bromance between Tom Holland and Jake Gyllenhaal

After joining the Marvel family in Spider-Man: far from home with his character of the villainous Mysterio, Jake Gyllenhaal was very close to Tom Holland for the tour promotional be required of these projects of Hollywood. And it was just in these months, where the actors revealed that their relationship went beyond something professional. During an interview on the program Good Morning Britain, Gyllenhaal confessed:

“It is a romance. It is not a bromance. [Tom Holland] he is an actor, humble, enthusiastic, a deep person that is aware of its virtues, but who is also eager to learn. And adore him for that.”

-Jake Gyllenhaal


For its part, Tom Holland confessed to EW you always wanted to work with Jake Gyllenhaal. And when he learned that he would be the antagonist in Spider-Man: far from home, could not hide his excitement. “Jake was more amazing than I expected,” said Holland. However, this friendship is sometimes led to problems in the set of the tape. According to its director, Jon Watts, sometimes had to stop filming by the laughter that arose among the actors:

“Sometimes we did laugh among them and we could not finish the scenes at times. It was a problem!”.

-Jon Watts


Away from home

Everything good has to end and the tour promotional for the film also came to an end. However, this does not meant that Jake and Tom to stop being in contact. On the contrary, their friendship survived the distance and the two started to communicate through their social networks without the fear that the world will judge.

In December 2019, Tom Holland congratulated Jake on his birthday with a photo on Instagram where they were seen snuggling up and laughing at something Jake is saying. In the bottom of the photo, Holland wrote: “He is the Mysterio of my Spider-Man. Happy birthday, friend. #Esposoideal”. What ideal husband, Tom? What do you mean exactly? Is what this means, Jake also put up the image to his Instagram and he replied the hashtag that Tom used in his account. JAKE GYLLENHAAL REVEALS SECRET OF HEATH LEDGER.

This is how we came to the quarantine and the challenge that Tom Holland put him to Jake Gyllenhaal. In this, Tom Holland I wanted to see Jake shirtless he challenged Jake to put on a t-shirt while standing on head. Obviously, Tom first gave the example, and Jake answered in a satisfactory manner.

Days later, Tom Holland used his Instagram to call back the attention of Jake. In this video, which we presume was recorded during the tour promotional Spider-Man: far from home, Tom and Jake are playing along with brother Tom to throw water bottles in his private plane. Nothing says romance like this type of games, right?

The most interesting thing of this video is not only that Tom has saved after so much time, but what you wrote about this. “Missing my husband”, wrote Tom at the foot of the video. Are we crying? No, not at all. JAKE GYLLENHAAL WILL STAR IN A NEW FILM LGBTQ+.

What the future holds?

In may of 2020, Jake finally responded to the memory of Tom. Oh apparently, this bromance it is reciprocated! As would be expected of someone as athletic as Gyllenhaal, the actor uploaded a video to their social networks in which we can see him practicing snowboarding. But according to the message he wrote on Instagram, Jake only practiced this sport for a reason very special. “I, trying to find @tomholland2013 while I do snowboardingwrote the villain of Spider-Man: far from Home.

Will there be found to Tom? What will Tom now that Jake answered your call? Will we see more of these actors together? Time will tell.


Before the pandemic, Tom Holland released the tape Onward, in which she shared credits with Chris Pratt. Eventually, we will also see the actor in the third film Spider-Man (hopefully to the side of Jake Gyllenhaal), as well as in the adaptation Chaos Walking, which is due for release in 2021. For his part, Jake has several films in pre-production that surely will be put in place once the end of the confinement, but as long as that happens, we can hear him sing on several of their posts of Instagram.

What do you think of the bromance between Tom Holland and Jake Gyllenhaal?

With information EW and Bustle

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