The training of Chris Hemsworth that you will like Thor

Chris Hemsworth, who portrays Thor in the universe of the film
Marvel, will offer free training through its app: Centr.

By joining the campaign #yoentrenoencasa, the actor will give free access to their application during the next six weeks.

Chris Hemsworth

Both he and his team of coaches will help you
keep in shape and, why not, achieve the musculature of the very God of the

“Hello to you all, during this period of isolation and uncertainty, I am offering six weeks of my program of health and fitness @Centrfit FREE!, announced Chris Hemsworth, through its account of Instagram.

“I think that now, more than ever, we must focus on what
are the 3 key pillars to live more healthy and happily: exercise,
nutrition and mental training,” added the australian.

What is Centr, the app of Chris Hemsworth

Chris Hemsworth and Elsa Pataky launched the application
training for little more than a year.

By this means provide a personalized program of physical fitness, as well as information on diet and lifestyle.

Chris Hemsworth

The app Centr is available in iOS so that you can see on your iPhone or from the Apple Watch.

The marriage of famous share there workouts
daily, diets, cooking videos, and even meditation techniques.

The workouts range from intervals of high intensity cardio, up to boxing, yoga, strength training and exercises to mixed martial arts.

How much it normally costs the subscription to Centr

The subscription to this app will of the 579 pesos per month,
up to 2 thousand 299 for a year.

However, you’ll be able to access and follow the recommendations of Chris Hemsworth, free of charge, during the following six weeks.

Chris Hemsworth

So there is no excuse not to continue with the workout routine right for you, despite the fact that the gyms will be closed during this period of quarantine.

Take advantage of this opportunity to try out how to get this great physical actor of Hollywood.

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