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2020 is the year of Jennifer Lopez. His performance in the Super Bowl next to Shakira enshrined as one of the artists most influential latinas in the world, many saw it nominated for an Oscar for the film Scammers of Wall Street and is awaiting to celebrate your wedding with the former player of baseball, Alex Rodriguez. 50 years accumulated almost three decades of artistic career.

He acts, sings and dances. But Lopez was known more as an actress during her early years of fame. He obtained his first role in 1986, in a low-budget movie titled My Little Girl and discovered that I wanted to work in the entertainment world. Already in the nineties he appeared on television and in movies as Assault on the train of money, Jack or My family. In 1997 he premiered Selena, a feature film inspired by the life of the american singer of mexican descent killed two years before. This project became the first latina actress to earn a million dollars.

Got more movies and the desire to make a leap to the music industry. A dream that fulfilled in 1999 with the release of his first album, On The 6. The disk got a position in the Billboard and has allowed the singer has to date published seven more.

Your first live concert was in 2001 and wanted to be held in Puerto Rico to honor its origins. With she stood on the stage, the Spanish dancer Joaquín Cortés.

Like many other celebrities, Lopez has bonded well with the world of fashion. One of the dresses more iconic that has worn has been a Versace green color that led to the Grammy awards in 2000. And almost 20 years after it has been put back to a parade of Donatella Versace in Milan, last September, boasting of their long friendship.

There are several couples known of the artist, that’s soon going to be married for the fourth time. Was engaged to actor Ben Affleck, with whom she lived for a tumultuous relationship. After his rupture had no qualms in publicly criticize Lopez. He went on to say even that would hurt in his film career.

But the partner that has most marked the life of the artist has been Marc Anthony, whom she married in 2004. He is also the father of their children, twins, Emme and Maximilian, of 12 years. In July 2011 they announced their separation. Although at the beginning it was a difficult situation, with the passage of time the two singers have shown the u.s. that are. “Marc and I are just great friends, but we are very well. Is my friend and the father of my children, something that will always be. My responsibility as a parent is to let them know my children that their dad loves them and draw them close to him whenever I can. In the same way that if my work does not allow me to he the about,” said Lopez in an interview three years ago, hushing rumors that the interacted again.

Lopez continued to work in some films, such as What to expect when you’re expecting or Obsession. On the whole continued to accumulate musical success. On the Floor and Dance Again were some of the topics that he shared with Pitbull. Both artists were in charge, with the singer Claudia Leitte, with the opening of the football world cup 2014 held in Brazil.

Later, Lopez decided to return to the world of tv after two decades. His career took off in this medium at the beginning of the nineties in programs such as In Living Color or Second Chances. In 2016, she starred in the series Shades of Blue and participated as a jury for one more season in the talent contest American Idol.

The influence of Jennifer Lopez has become a style icon. The artist has been able to take advantage of their curves, which has led it to be copied by other celebrities like Beyonce or the Kardashian’s.

Lopez takes great care of your diet and exercise to stay in shape. About to turn 50 years old, starred in December 2018 the cover of the magazine InStyle where you bragged about to your body, with one posed half-naked. “I care a lot, and it shows now”, he explained.

In 2019, she starred in the film Scammers of Wall Street. A work applauded by the public and critics. Even it is speculated with a possible Oscar nomination. But the Academy of motion picture Arts and Sciences of the united States not contemplated among its candidates. “I received a lot of good reviews, more than ever in my career and there were many who said: ‘She is going to be nominated for an Oscar. It’s going to happen. If you don’t, you’re crazy’. I am reading all the articles that say: ‘my god, my God, could you pass this?’. And then it was not so. It was a little disappointing,” he revealed during an interview with Oprah Winfrey.

Next to Shakira made history in the last edition of the Super Bowl, the final of the football league which was played last February. The spectacle of the intermediate of the party saw more than 102 million people and was a demonstration of the power of the culture and society of Latin in the united States.

Now the artist is aware of to celebrate his wedding with his current partner, Alex Rodriguez. They met three years ago, it promised to make one and it is unknown the date for the wedding, as the crisis of the coronavirus has forced the postponement of the link. “Already we will see what happens. The truth is that I have no idea what’s going to happen in regards to the dates and everything else”, has counted up recently the singer to Ellen DeGeneres.

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