The youtuber James Charles cancel your tour Sisters Tour after the controversy with Tati


Finished ‘Game of thrones’ and, as the documentary that premiered yesterday HBO on your last season did not seem to us sufficient to alleviate our pain and mourning, we decided to start the beef that are starring James Charles and Tati Westbrook. In a new chapter of this back in ‘Feud’, we have known that el young influencer has decided to cancel a tour that would lead to 24 north american cities throughout the summer.

When the ‘Bye sister’ ended Sisters Tour

After a series of events in which came to gather up to 10,000 peopleJames Charles conceived of his own live show. The Sisters Tour was announced as a conglomerate where the beauty vlogger would face a scenario where you would tutorials beauty, musical performances, interactions with the public and an extra value: the sale of merchandising and exclusive gifts.

This was announced a tour that was to begin June 26 in Philadelphia and, during a month, it would take another 24 cities up close in Los Angeles on the 26th of July. His incipient fame splintered off in a series of prices that caused dispute among its own fans: $ 59 entry cheaper and three types of tickets-VIP ranging from 99,50 usd and Sisters VIP $ 500, which involved gifts, meet&greet with James, or early access to a series of locations privileged. But Tati Westbrook published his ‘Bye sister’ and, as a premonition, the Sisters Tour has been going down.

The video that started the beef between master and apprentice (you dare not to sing by Malú now) started a tsunami influencer in the sorpassos youtubers provoked the comings and goings of subscriptions, videos, crossover, the almost cancellation of James Charles as celebrity and up a discussion about the power of social networks. The roller coaster that they have lived in the channels of Tati and James Charles puts them right now with 10.1 million (it takes ten days of fall) and 15.3 respectively.

Despite the fact that James Charles has glossed over his fall and takes more than 10 days adding subscriptionsthe consequences of the break with his mentor led him to take the decision to cancel the show. And what has been communicated through some Stories in which informs that “for personal reasons” it has been forced to do this: “I just want to make sure to have an experience of really, really good and will never be forgotten. And in this moment I feel that I can not fulfill what was promised (…) And that sucks. Really sucks to admit it. But I’d prefer to tell them immediately and cancel it”.

As reported by the own Charles Twitterthey will try to help to all those who had already purchased air tickets or reserved hotel rooms: “Definitely, the hotels and the airlines should respect the refunds, as there is still a month ahead, but if someone is caught in a complicated situation, let me know and I will do everything possible to help you.”