These are the best eye contours according to three prestigious facialistas international


Mary Greenwell, Joanna Czech, and Naoko Scintu rely on the effectiveness of these products for addressing the signs of tiredness and fatigue around the eye

Updated 13/05/2020 17:50

Who better than an expert in the care of the face to recommend the best products. Mary Greenwell, Joanna Czech, and Naoko Scintu are three facialistas with great reputation in all over the world do not hesitate to recommend the best treatments for the eye contour.

Is the the first visible sign of tiredness and fatigue in your face. The dark circles are busy in to show if you’ve had a bad night and haven’t been able to catch the sleep we both needed you and your skin. The hours of sleep you can recover them if you find the hole, but the appearance of the eye contour can only be hidden with makeup. Rushed the glass of the aesthetic in front of the mirror, you realize that this is not something apparent, but that the area itself needs a treatment that helps you to recover vitality. We need a contour of eyes, because after a certain age are concerned about the signs of the age and in that area, build up lines of expression which appearance you prefer to postpone.

In addition, the skin of that area is much more delicate and needs special care. The texture should be much lighter than the moisturizer that is used for the rest of the face. That is its main feature, but not the only one. The outlines are intended to provide a solution to a type of delicate skin, though not all circles are the same and need the same treatment. The cosmetics market realized this a long time ago and therefore there are thousands of offers. Find the most suitable for each case it will more than likely test error. But to not be given laps for the entire market, to seek advice from experts in the field is not of more.

Mary Greenwell, Joanna Czech, and Naoko Scintu are three of the facialistas more recognized all over the world. Have years of experience and demanding clients seeking the best treatments. Many celebrities visit their classrooms regularly to get in your hands. For this reason, we wanted to compile their recommendations for dealing with this delicate facial area.

London was for many years the makeup of Lady Di, although it is not the only personality of the royalty that has contracted their services, nor the only celebrity. Meghan Markle, Cate Blanchett or Emilia Clarke know very well to this professional aesthetic that will not hesitate to recommend Le Lift from Chanel.

The treatment of Chanel it acts in two phases. First with the massage that is applied to the area by the roll-on and the second with the patches revitalizing. The result can be seen next because the skin recovers luminosity instantly.

He was born in Poland but live in the united States. In Dallas and New York has its aesthetic centers where you serve a multitude of well-known faces such as Jennifer Aniston, Kate Winslet or Kim Kardashian. The outline that she recommends and uses in their anti-ageing treatments is the Clé de Peau Beauté, a unique brand of beauty that is not within reach of any pocket.

The skin looks visibly thicker and firmer. Combined with an adequate massage and frequent is visibly reduced wrinkles. Its price reaches the us $ 265.

It is one of the references of the makeup not only as a makeup artist but also as facialista. Between her clients stands out Kaia Gerber, Charlize Theron or Karlie Kloss by enumerating some of the many that have already proved their mastery over the red carpet and off it. Your recommendation for the eye contour is the brand Omorovicza.

The facialista has shown to be excited on more than one occasion by this exclusive brand of Hungarian origin. Reviving Eye Cream it is a lightweight formula that treats the swelling and minimize the appearance of dark circles and has a subtle scent of cucumber which cools and soothes tired eyes.