To look good in a bathing suit: the routine and the muscles to work the summer


To look good in a bathing suit it is a matter of trust and confidence in yourself, you don’t need a perfect body to enjoy the heat and the beach, but it definitely helps to be a little more “fit” in those moments.

The summer season is coming up and that means that the pool is going to become our new best friend and that it’s time to get the bathing suit from the bottom of the drawer. The summer season is also that time of year in which everyone returns to the gym and begin to train to gain a bit of muscle, mark the legs and the arms to be able to walk around with all the confidence in the world.

The problem of using a bathing suit is that you can’t hide what you do not like your body, you’re more exposed and in plain view of everyone, and the alternative of wearing a t-shirt or not to take off the shirt is not exactly practical for getting to the water or to get a tan even (without having half of the white arms and the other half red).

The good news is that, there is a routine for men (because there are many out there for women and you certainly don’t want the same thing they are) designed to help you to look good in a bathing suitand there are a few muscles in particular that you should focus if you want to get it.

What muscles make you look good in a bathing suit?

After you choose the swimsuit right for your type of body (the length and the cut of the shorts is very important), you should focus on these muscles:

Working these muscles helps you get that “V” shape that makes your back look wider and your waist smaller, which is the look that you see in characters like Chris Hemsworth, Zac Efron and the rest of the actors of action. On the other hand, working the calves helps your legs look more defined and strong.

When do you start training to be ready for the beach?

If you want to get in shape after having given a break from the gym, it can be taken in a couple of months to be back in shape, but if you stayed active throughout the year, only you need between 4 and 6 weeks to finish mark up your muscles.

What are the best exercises (for men) to look good in a bathing suit?

There are a series of movements in particular that are more effective at the time of burning calories to make the muscles begin to be marked (the idea is to do 4 sets of between 12 and 20 repetitions of each movement):


  • Press with Z-bar

  • Squats with bar


  • Press on bench with bar

  • Bench Fly decline


  • Crunches bicycle

  • Barbell deadlift



  • Squats

  • Lunges with walk

  • Lunges with jumps

  • Leg extensions

What can you do on the beach?

Already entrenaste and you’re ready to take off the shirt and enjoy the sun, now, the experts say that there are some things that you can do on the day that you’re going to go to the beach or to the pool (or on your rooftop) to see you better:

  • Eat an hour and a half before going to the beach (so you’re not going to be inflamed)

  • Choose lean proteins, carbohydrates slow-burning and healthy fats

  • Do push-ups, bicep curls and lateral raises to activate your muscles and that are marked

  • Don’t forget the sunscreen, definitely not going to be able to train if the whole body is burning.