VIDEO: Duki came out to defend paul in London and the controversy broke out


The statements of Duki revolutionized the networks and became on-trend to Lenny. Why is it a trend?

Duki shared this week several stories that became viral in social networks. The musician said about the fight of paul London with Ovy on the Drums and Lenny Tavarez.

Why is it a trend?

Returning to the successful colleague Paulo London, Duki added: “Leave in peace to the kid, it’s going to be a father, is making his life, is quiet with its sheath, you know what’s going on, Lenny, you’ve always wanted the success that he has, and you don’t know what it is to have the pressure that he has”.

The dispute began long ago, of an alleged contract between Paulo London and the colombian Ovy on the Drums, which specified that the young man could not throw issues with another producer. Together they have made several of their hits such as “Adam and Eve”, “Maybe” and “When you kissed her” with Becky G.