What second chance? Atlantis would be the next live action Disney and want to Tom Holland


The live action of Disney no longer a novelty, and seem more like a rule that every so often we see a new production of this type.

Mulan was the project more new to be adapted with actors of flesh and bone, however, due to the coronavirus have not been able to see it on the big screen.

Meanwhile, there is already another live action in the oven, it is Atlantis: The lost empiretape , that is in early stages of development, according to the most recent information (although without official confirmation on the part of Disney).

The original film the dirgieron Gary Trousdale and Kirk Wise, with a screenplay by Tab Murphy; Atlantis came to theaters in 2001 and had a median acceptance raising $186 million dollars worldwide.

The above was to be expected since this film is not within the standards typical of Disney, since it does not have musical numbers, and the plot focuses much more on the adventures that are inspired by the stories of jules Verne.

However, for many, Atlantis it was a breath of fresh air to the Disney usual, and in accordance with the step of the years, it became a classic.

What is Atlantis?

In 1914 Milo Thatch tries to prove that his grandfather was right about Atlantisand that in truth there is a civilization hidden under the surface of the sea.

The protagonist embarks on an expedition with a unique crew in search of the lost civilization, and yes the are, only that it is not what they expected.

Among the inhabitants of the Atlantis Milo meets the princess Kida, who turns out to play an essential part within the story.

In addition to the argument, the team of Atlantis was also quite unique, because the animation was based on the style of Mike Mignola (the artist who created Hellboy), as well as in the language atlantean who built Marc Okrand, the same one who made the klingons to Star Trek.

Until such time just know that Disney will be to turn this story into a live action, but there is more news about it.

Finally, some fans are already asking for that Tom Holland is in charge of interpreting the protagonist in this live action Atlantis.

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