What’s going on? Shawn Mendes the WIGGLES as a woman According to internet users!


Shawn Mendes it is one of the good-looking young singers of the moment, who recently surprised her with a video that circulates on social networks where it is seen supposedly playing a bold and hot dance.

The daring dance of Shawn Mendes

It seems that Shawn Mendes it became the sensation of the Internet to leak a recording where supposedly he danced so intense, revealing all of her movements of the hips and buttocks that you have left with your mouth open, thousands of internet users.

Users of networks did not wait and began to say that “he moves better than Shakira”, if yes was the then “is a passive”, other than it moves as a woman, but others stressed that it was not him for certain traits and their tattoos.

It is clear that in the video you can see a young person doing what is known as ‘twerking’ in front of the camera, which was placed in the angle that recorded only their buttocks, while carrying a short grey and a black shirt without sleeves, the young protagonist became a sensation with his great dance moves.

Until the moment it is not known if it is the boyfriend of Camila Cabello or if it’s just about a boy with a strong resemblance to the interpreter of Stitches , but what you can notice is that the one who appears the videclip has a lot of talent to play that kind of dancing.

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It is noteworthy that Shawn Mendes has a nice relationship with the singer Camila Cabello, who is distinguished by being one of the couples most beautiful that was ever seen within the music current, as his love is poured out by the networks and the TV screens and since they are together, formally speaking of course, almost a year ago, we have fallen in love with all their fans.