What’s new in Karol G, Jonas Brothers, C. Tangana, Aitana and Reik prepares us for the summer | Music


Yes, the temperatures are already starting to rise and the body asks us for a refreshing mojito. Believe it or not, summer is just around the corner, and it’s a matter of time that all begin to look our brown more tropical (yes, with sunscreen).

Clear that the arrival of summer has not gone unnoticed among the artists, who began to rub the hands and make the songs that will star the night of the poolside snack bar. And is that just listen to the first few seconds of the topics that you bring to us on this Friday of news to begin to perceive the peculiar smell of salt.

If the last 8 of may, they were Ariana Grande, Justin Bieber, Ana Mena and Dellafuente, among others, that decided to put rhythm to our weekend, now comes the turn of another wave of artists that will not leave us indifferent. Just grab your headphones and turn up the volume!

Friday, may 15

Karol G, Jonas Brothers – X. Few days ago we were able to hear an advance of this unexpected collaboration in the new documentary the trio of brothers. After frotarnos eyes on countless occasions, we take consciousness of what is coming. And the end has come. The question of urban and the brothers more popular have partnered on a theme composed by the own Karol G and Nick Jonas. A theme that unifies perfectly the style of the pop and the guitar riffs that are so characteristic of the Jonas with the flow latino of colombian. The two of them spread kisses for all!

Aitana, Reik – Enemies. Speaking of collaborations, unexpected, comes what is Aitana and Reik had us prepared. It is worth bearing at the customs for days, but never get to get used to this union of international voices. Enemies comes with a video clip very lively and rhythms featuring the guitars of the mexican and the recognizable voice of the Catalan. Let the pure style of the pop of its protagonists! Although a touch of Latin rhythms never comes bad, and that they have been in charge of the own Reik.

Katy Perry – Daisies. After announcing that his upcoming album will see the light of the August 14, 2020, the singer has decided to delight us with a great small forward. This is their new single Daisies. A theme that takes us to that enchanted forest in which the fairies and gnomes accompany us in the adventure. In this way, Katy is back to her style-hippie to fill our lives with flowers and magic.

C. Tangana – Well. I Am Never, Guille Asesion and now Well. It seems that the idea of C. Tangana to form an EP taking shape. With a mesmerizing melody, you arrive to the rhythm of a ballad that makes it unique and special. Of those that sound when you, with your cup in hand, notes how the alcohol floods your veins, and thou wilt repent of all the acts eccentric that we did in the past. But says the spaniard: everything will be fine.

Mau and Ricky, MYA – A Thousand and one Times. What was missing from this new weekend was the dose of Latin rhythms, isn’t it? Well, fear not because the brothers Montaner have teamed with MYA to fix it. Give life to a romantic theme of midtempo whose rhythms get in our minds for them to mesmerize us into. So be careful if you decide to listen, as you will not be able to stop singing your lyrics catchy in a long time.

Mahmood, Massimo Pericolo – Moonlight Popolare. What Echabas less synths? Since he has now returned and, in addition, to the Italian style. The that was representative of this country in the Eurovision song contest in 2019 at the rate of Soldi has teamed up with the rapper Massimo Pericolo in a theme of disco beats. That yes, without losing the essence of music of both protagonists. We move to the darkness of the night, which can only lighting with the brightness of the Moon. Intriguing, isn’t it?

Nicki Nicole – Colocao. Already extrañábamos new songs of Nicki Nicole in our playlists. Argentina has returned to make our desires reality. His name is sentenced to become a benchmark for urban music, and with Colocao has managed to climb a new step. He was allied with his friend and fellow Bizarrap, the producer who also harvest true hits of this field. Nicki makes reference to Drake and ensures that she only smokes “pa remove the stress”. What she don’t know is that his music is that which soothes our nerves.

Oscar Martinez – In your lips. Our companion of LOS40 never cease to amaze us, this time with a song with your flow and your are transports us to the very island of Cuba. Listen to her. Known to summer.

And you, what are you waiting for give it all with what’s new from your favorite artists? Here we leave the issues of styles varied that land in your headphones as the soundtrack daily. ¡Dale al play!