You know Dylan Efron’s brother Zac Efron, who proves that the attractive and the abs of steel are family


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15 years ago, our childhood, puberty or adolescence was blessed with one of the best movies teen Disney Channel: High School Musical.

Thanks to the premiere of the now classic Disney, many we experienced our first and most profound crush television with the amazing Troy Bolton aka Zac Efron.

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From that point, we were captivated by Zac, who throughout all these years, it is still conquistándonos with his talent, broad appeal and extraordinary abs.

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However, in the family of Zac the galanura and muscles of steel are not exclusive of him. His younger brother, Dylan Efron, makes us fall in a dilemma where we don’t know if Zac what we want as a brother or as a boyfriend. HELP!

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Nearly five years after that Zac Efron came to this world, the actor became the older brother of Dylan, who was born on February 6, 1992.


Unlike Zac, who found his passion in acting, Dylan is a lover of sports and extreme adventures.


Your discipline and love for the sport has led him to participate in various marathons, triathlons and events around the world.


Also, your taste for the adrenaline we get to see more of near in the YouTube channel of Zac Efron. The two brothers enjoy a lot of knowing the world and share hundreds of experiences in the process.


There is No doubt that Dylan has almost the same profile that Zac. However, appropriates his galanura in a different way, that draws us in completely.


Your style carefree and relaxed atmosphere, combined with his drive to discover the exterior, turn to Dylan in a browser on the love hearts around the world.


Even his adventures have led him to enjoy the adrenaline rush and beauty that lives in the Huasteca Potosina in Mexico, where he ventured from the hand of the actor Aaron Diaz and Erwan Heussaff.


There is No doubt that the brothers Efron are a duo that conquered thousands of hearts.


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