Zac Efron could become the next Jack Sparrow for Disney+


The iconic saga about the adventures in the sea will have a reboot and there is strong rumors the actor of ‘High School Musical’ could be the main character of ‘Pirates of the Caribbean

Jack Sparrow is the pirate most famous of the big screen, is currently planning to make a next movie you will be taken to the history that belongs to them to the franchises of Disneythere are strong rumors that have been unleashed in the wake of the announcement of the possible creative work for the film they have already begun.

It is also said that the premiere of the movie is prepared only for the new streaming platform Disney Plusalthough all of this remains in rumorssince no one involved has specified if it is truth or lie Zac Efron give life to Jack Sparrow.

The opinions of internet users were divided, and the inevitable debate started, about whether they want an american actor to interpret the mythical character, others think that it is unnecessary to continue with the sagabut there is another sector that is of the opinion that Zac Efron will not be able to fill the shoes of Johnny Depp.

What do you think of Zac Efron as a pirate?

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