9 Hollywood actors who changed their lives to make characters

15 may, 2020 17:24

To interpret complex characters, many actors need to make changes in their lives, to get deeper into the paper. Here, some cases.

9 Hollywood actors who changed their lives to make characters
9 Hollywood actors who changed their lives to make characters.

It is known that many of the actors most famous Hollywood, they had to introduce important changes in their lives to achieve some of their best roles. From Joaquin Phoenix to Richard Gere, in this list we present you some.

1. Jack Nicholson
For his role in Trapped without exitthat gave him an Oscar for “Best Actor Protagonist”, Jack Nicholson had to spend some weeks in a psychiatric clinic, so you know more than full as it is the daily life in that type of establishments.

2. Natalie Portman
One of the roles to be remembered that actress is Nina, the protagonist of The Black Swan. To interpret the classical dancer, Portman had to undergo, during 10 months, with a demanding physical training and a very strict diet.

3. Richard Gere
To interpret the protagonist of Invisiblethat was a man who lived in the street, the actor had to get filled in this reality. Spent a lot of time on the street, with old clothes, and there were people who, until they gave him alms-giving (without realizing it was him).

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4. Joaquin Phoenix
Phoenix took home the Oscar for “Best Actor Leading role” for his portrayal of the Quietly ironicin the film of the same name. To give life to the enemy of Batmanhad to lose weight and her image changed completely: he lost close to 23 pounds.

5. Heath Ledger
This other interpretation of the Quietly ironic also stay in the memory of fans of the film. To delve into the skin of the villain, Heath Ledger was isolated from the world: he spent more than a month in a hotel room, no contact with the outside.

6. Christian Bale
Who gave life to Batman who stood up to the quietly ironic for Heath Ledger, also underwent major physical changes for different roles. For his role in The machinist, Bale lost nearly 30 pounds and the change in her figure was really shocking. To act on “Scandal american”, had to do the opposite: increase 20 kilos.

7. Halle Berry
His character in the movie Fever wild, was a woman addicted to drugs. To achieve a more come, not washed his hair in eight weeks: time it took the shooting of the film.

8. Marlon Brando
In You live your life, film of 1950 in which it debuted, the legendary actor played a war veteran who was left paralyzed. To achieve delve into the skin of the character, he spent a month hospitalized in a military hospital.

9 Hollywood actors who changed their lives to make characters

9. Jennifer Lawrence
Although it did not involve a change in your life, to achieve her role of Katniss Everdeen in The Hunger GamesJennifer Lawrence had to learn how to master the bow and arrow as if he were an expert. To do this, spent many months training with professionals.

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