all that we know about his new album


Since a lot of the met in 2009, thanks to the iconic Just Dance, Lady Gaga has presented many versions of herself throughout her career. The aesthetic is more psychedelic in the purest style Bad Romance, to show her more sophisticated and elegant when you receive the Oscar for Shallow, soundtrack A star is borndirected by Bradley Cooper . Now, Lady Gaga has announced that the next 10 of April to launch what will be their sixth album, under the title Chromaticaand he has done so by rescuing its essence initial and the hand of electro-pop that so good you sat in The Fame Monster. Four years after their last release, anticipation for LG6 is at a maximum.


“In the end we danced”, as well introduced Lady Gaga her upcoming album in an interview with Apple Music. Taking this into account and after having heard (and seen) Stupid Lovethe first single this new work, everything points to that Chromatica it will be a disc that will go straight to the pistes from all over the world. Aesthetics of the years 2000, tribes, urban post apocalyptic, dressed in pink and Gaga in a pure state. The first advance of LG6as referred to in its fans this new album, reinventing the pop diva, bringing the best of his past as a renewed form and with the experience of having explored sounds much more intimate, as those who were in Joanne.

“Welcome to the new era Chromatica“, announced the singer in their social networks. A statement of intent that points to this new album breaks with the past and comes full of surprises, such as those that point to possible collaborations. Although Gaga has not commented about it, more and more people point to the girlband K-Pop Black Pink and Ariana Grande as participants in this new album.

A new disc that has served to “heal”, in the words of the singer herself: “It’s about healing and also about being brave. When we talk about love, I think that it is very important to also include the fact that loving someone requires a lot of courage,” confessed the popular interviewer Zane Lowe. Some statements come just when Lady Gaga has returned to find love. “I’ve put all my heart, all my pain, all of the messages that I have inside and I say tell that to all the world, became in music, and I think that is fun, energetic, and really pure. I want people to dance and be happy.”

A name for your album that is not casual, as both the colors and the music have their own scale. It is for this reason that, Chromatica it will focus on the inclusion and in the life, in the participation of all colors and all sounds. Something that Gaga leaves in doubt up to the next 10 of April if you will find many musical styles on the inside of your album. What is no doubt is that, once more, the artist will be a standard bearer of equality, something that you got with your already considered a hymn in this matter Born this way.

Lady Gaga never forgets her fans-european

To the delight of all his followers, the album comes accompanied by the announcement of an international tour with Lady Gaga you will pass through Europe with only two dates and, for the moment, it is unknown if will be added more in the continent. Paris has been the city chosen to start The Chromatica Ball World Tour on the 24th of July and the other lucky is London, where it will act on the 30th day of that month. After that, the singer will continue his tour of the united States and Canada. Tickets will be on sale officially on the 13th of march. The great pop diva of the 2000s is back.