Anna Kendrick An actress that has it all


In the city of Portland that used to be the capital of the State of Maine, Anna Kendrick was born August 9, 1985, in the era in which people used to listen to ‘Shout’ of the group Tears For Fears or the movie theaters are filled with films of ‘Back to the Future’ and the second movie ‘Rambo’. But before entering the world of cinema, she first lived success of the theatre, when with just 12 years became one of the youngest nominated for the Tony Award as Best Actress, with the role of Dinah in the Broadway production of ‘High Society’. It was also the protagonist of the theatrical production of Cabaret”s Kit Kat Club at Carnegie Hall and with Jeremy Irons took the role of Freedika in ‘A Little Night Music’. The great debut in cinema, it was precisely with the character of an actress of musical comedy, in the unknown film ‘Camp’. But the next production ended up being nothing less than the superéxito of the clash between vampires and man-wolves of ‘Twilight’, where Anna had the role of the best friend of Kristen Stewart. And of all the famous actors of that series of films, Anna is the only one that received a nomination at the Oscar, when the same year of the premiere of Twilight, premiered with George Clooney film ‘Up In the Air’. Thanks to the music, also starred in another superéxito called ‘Pitch Perfect’, which raised 115 million dollars with the role of rebel Scholarship, which also won the fashion among the teens with a fun dance of vessels, to the beat of the song ‘Cups’ (which is actually a modern version of the original theme ‘When I’m gone’, 1931). The second film almost reaches 300 million fund-and, of course, has already scheduled a third version for the next year… after the premiere of no fewer than seven films for this year: ‘Mr Right’, ‘The Hollars’, ‘Get a Job’ , ‘Table 19′, Trolls’, ‘The Accountant’ and ‘Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates’.

– Although not apostate in Las Vegas, you ended up winning big, with the award Cinemacon as the Star of Comedy of the Year, which were received with Zac Efron and Adam Devine…

– Yes, that I loved, because they are very funny and Zac also had already won the same award with the movie ‘Neighbors’. I’d say that even surprised much more, with the film ‘Mike and Dave…’. With Adam we had also worked together in ‘Pitch Pefect’ and it is also very fun . That’s why I felt so comfortable with them.

– What was the first prize you ever received in your life? What was that nomination on Broadway for the Tony Award with ‘High Society’?

– Yes.

– What was not like to be nominated for the Oscar of the Theatre on Broadway, just when you had started? How old were you?

– I was 12 years old, yes.

– And do you have record of one of the younger girls who nominated?

– I’m not sure of the statistics, but I lost against a woman named Audra McDonald is the Queen of Broadway. He won 17 Tony awards, is incredible. Recently I found it again in the ceremony of the Tony, a couple of years ago where I also presented a prize and she told me that the daughter of 12 years wanted to meet me. It was a very strange feeling to think that I was the age of your daughter when I lost the Tony Award-and now, the daughter of 12 years was a fan of mine… it Was a very strange moment give me account as things have changed, and he was loving it because I love and respect very much to her.

– And what about the nomination for the Oscar for the film ‘Up in the Air’ with George Clooney? How did you live this experience?

– That was very exciting, again, because I was with a group of people that I respect and admire very much. George Clooney was also nominated for the same film. And the fact of having lived that moment together, it was amazing.

– How do you compare the success of the Oscar at the same time that also were part of the superéxito of ‘Twilight’ as the best friend of Kristen Stewart among the stories of vampires and werewolves?

– I guess I was very lucky to have throughout my career the opportunity to do independent movies very girls that mean so much to me, with others that are also as accessible and commercial. The good thing is to have reached both the public.

– And what about now that you’ve met 30 years ago, is to see it? What you took as a great event or you gave so much importance?

– No, not really, because when I turned 29, I thought that basically was already 30. And when I turned 30, because I didn’t feel anything different.

– Reviewing the archives, I found that the year you were born, had just premiered films like ‘Back To The Future’ and the second version of ‘Rambo’…

– I grew up watching ‘Back To The Future’ and every time someone says that to travel back to the year 1985, I am excited because it is the year that I was born. But Rambo never saw.

– What was the first movie you saw or that you are mindful that you have seen for the first time?

– The first movie that I remember that I loved to see was ‘The little Mermaid’.

– And how was it that you decided to by the action?

– I started very young with the theatre community, with the role of one of the huerfanitas of Annie in a local theatre but very little. I was five or six years.

– Do you want to say that it was more a decision of your parents that yours?

– No, not at all. There are children who want to play football and others want to skate on ice. I wanted to dance, sing and be up there on stage. I had seen the movie ‘Annie’ and when I knew they were going to do a play similar in my ciudaciudadd, I wanted to participate I also.

– And what about the 12 years, what expectations you had? Did you think “Now that I was nominated for a Tony award, going for the Oscar”?

– No, No, No. If I thought something, I thought that I would do if I couldn’t get a job. Was very anxious at that age. Not had too many ambitions. I just wanted to be able to continue doing the same thing.

– Why is it that all actors, including the most successful, feel that the next job can turn out to be the last?

– I think that is because we often hear of people who soon has nothing to do with the world of the show and says, “Oh, I love that actress from that movie. What has become of her?” and at that point we thought “Eh, God, it can’t be me.”