Anna Kendrick seeks end to the war of housewives and working mothers | Culture and entertainment


The american actress Anna Kendrick told Efe that he hopes that his film, “Naked Please” help end the “mommy wars”, a fight between working mothers and stay-at-home, and said that working with casts of mostly female will get the better of itself.

“The intention is to teach you how every mom is doing the best they can,” said Kendrick.

“I’m not a mom and I feel the pressure that there is on my friends that yes they are. (The movie) is a way of saying that they are all doing the best we can,” he said.

“A Simple Favor,” which premiered in the united States today, Kendrick, 33 years old, accumulates as a repertoire of forty films.

In she shares credits star with actress Blake Lively, and in addition it is the fourth production that makes with a cast mostly female, something that pushes you to be better in every way.

Assured that is an inspiration to work with other women who bring out the best of themselves up in the clothes. “I’ve noticed that when I am the only girl on the set, I pack a pair of jeans and already, but when I’m with other women I want to impress up in the way you dress”.

The humor that has made Kendrick famous in the social networks and his experience in comedies such as the films of the series of “Pitch Perfect” have allowed him to develop to perfection the character of Stephanie, a mom of those that seem perfect and who bestows that excellence on YouTube, space in which to explore topics in parenting.

Widow with a big secret in tow, the life of Stephanie is a little more complicated when Emily (Lively), who runs the public relations of a fashion designer famous, begins a campaign of seduction, which works only by loneliness who suffer the mothers who stay at home on the outskirts of the large cities of the united States.

That solitude and the ability to embody a character that you are going by undoing the perception that others have of women dedicated to be a mom “was irresistible” to Kendrick, in addition to the possibility of being part of the new wave of suspense movies focused on women.

“I think that the best of the genre of the mystery that has become fashionable again, especially with female protagonists, is that it recognizes that women have secrets,” said the star, who takes a positive view of everything that is engaged to break female stereotypes.

“Some have secrets literal, as the character of Blake, but Stephanie has so much below the surface, and I think that represents a lot of women, that one believes he already knows how they are and it turns out that underneath there is an inner world that no one had realized”, he emphasized.

“A Simple Favor,” also plays with the duality of the genres of suspense, but with a touch of humor, as is fashionable in the more commercial films of the time stated to Efe its director, Paul Feig, who has worked with the casts especially women in “Bridesmaids” (2011) and “Ghostbusters: Answer The Call” (2016).

After recognizing that these combinations do not always work well, Feig explained that his formula was “first to focus on the main genre, which is suspense. That you must treat it very seriously and then gives a touch of eccentric characters on the way in which they react to the absurd situations that are presented in movies such as ‘thriller'”.

The actress for its part held that it is recognizing the power of humor in all kinds of situations.

“When I’m going through a stressful time and I’m with my friends and my family, especially with my family, there is always someone who makes a joke or does something funny and everyone laughs. So is the real life,” he said.