Ariana Grande celebrates their natural look with these selfies without makeup


Ariana Grande is happy to show you your natural hair, your skin, and to celebrate what tired of your eyes (because you should all celebrate our own).

Routines beauty of celebrities are different at this time. Without access to their teams of hair and makeup, some stars are inclined towards one aspect 100% natural, while others have become your own team of glamour.

Up to now, January Jones has shown us the perfect recipe for the stew human (a relaxing bath) and Eva Longoria has revealed its preferred method for to hide their gray. Ariana Grande has done a little bit of both. Some weeks you have your high ponytail feature, while other weeks are embracing their hair naturally curly. Today, she is leaving her full makeup for a very natural appearance.

Ari shared a series of selfies without makeup on their stories of Instagram without makeup, except by the slightest touch of eyeliner along your lash line. It also has some butterflies in his cheeks thanks to a filter of Instagram.

“I love my eyes, tired of Lil Tim Burton”, he wrote in one of the stories. It is not clear if Ariana got up late watching films of Tim Burton, but either way, your skin is clear and bright.

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