Becky G will not release their collaboration with Omar Montes for this reason


The star recorded a while ago a topic with the singer Omar Montes, a prominent exponent of the trap in Spain

The american singer of hispanic origin, Becky G, has returned to the news this week and not for their evocative photographs, so frequent in their social networks, but by a fact regarding her outstanding artistic career.

Becky G is a talented singer, songwriter, dancer and actress that has had important collaborations with leading exponents of the genre, urban latino, among them Maluma, Farruko, Anuel AA, and The Ghetto.

The star recorded a while ago a topic with the singer Omar Montes, a leading exponent of rap, reggaeton and trap in Spain. The fans of the genre urban looked forward to know the result of the combination of both talents hispanic without getting up to now answers.

It was our own Becky G who clarified what happened on his Twitter account. “I record. Do the songs. But even after you get a song, if after something indicates that it is not in line with my ideals, just not approved. So is simple”.

Shortly after the singer erased the twett. Accordingly the non-publication of the topic would have something to do with the letters of machismo that characterize Monteshowever this argument was not an obstacle to record with other singers whose lyrics sin of using women as objects.