Bond writes letters of fans to Kanye West, Beyonce and Kendrick Lamar


Bono is celebrating his 60th birthday by paying tribute to their peers.

The legend of U2 has shared his playlist of “60 songs that saved my life.” Along with the music, he wrote 60 letters from admirers for his musical heroes, including Beyoncé, JAY-Z, Kendrick Lamar and Kanye West.

“These are some of the songs that I saved his life,” explained Bono. “I couldn’t have lived without … which took me from there to here, from zero to 60 … through all the bruises, all kinds of discomfort, from the serious to the silly … and the joy, above all joy”.

While honored to Kendrick, he reflected on the performance of their collaboration “XXX” together at the Grammys 2018. “I liked your team when we did the opening of the GRAMMYs”, he wrote. “They were a fucking ardent and organized. It was a ballet, it was an opera, it was a fusion between hip hop and rock ‘n’ roll, but it was not confusion “.

Then he praised the clever play on words of Kendrick. “The fact that you are playful, self-deprecating and revealing is a note for yourself,” he added. “At that time I asked you if you had rapped on where he was the united States, and your answer was rapping about where is not the united States”. Smart.”

Bono said he hopes to expand his friendship with K-Dot (“I Hope some day to know you better”) before closing the session with “Love and pizza”.

Kendrick got another assent for their collaboration Beyoncé’s “Freedom”. Bond bowed to the powerful anthem LEMONADE of the Queen Bey. “There is no place where this song is not going to go,” she said. “The torch of freedom here bring you two guard … I Give thanks.”

Bonus also respected the iconic album of Bey. “Well, in my 60 years, I served many dishes, but rarely one as the album LEMONADE Queen Bey”.

In his letter to Kanye, he reflected on being present while the mogul Yeezy performed “Black Skinhead” on “SNL” in 2013. “It felt as if hip hop would like that the black leather jacket return of the rock ‘n’ roll … and rock ‘ n ‘roll silhouette, too, “ he wrote. “And there you are. Go like a bullet against the backdrop of the yellow background of the supermarket with a sign that says NOT for SALE. The words came from a mouth similar to a glock, from the lips of a punk Othello, with dogs like wolves with a belt … teeth naked, tongues dripping, knots of ku klux sliding.

Greeted the rapper “fearless,” and added: “Your fan since you came out to the road with us for the tour Vertigo”.

Bono was in a “mental State of the Empire”, which included the anthem “loud and defiant” of JAY-Z and Alicia Keys in your list. “Who is face to Sinatra to write a better song for this great city? Only you, ” he said before praising Hov. “The people that you, Jay, you give permission to exist is the thing … the someone and the nobodies, the wannabies and the capped feel welcome in your language”.

It also brought to light the genius of Alice. “There are No brighter lights than those who tell the truth and people who only take the brightness of the grace and goodness as thou art, more brilliant than any neon,” he said.

Read the rest of the letters of Bonus, from Pharrell and Public Enemy to Adele and Billie Eilish, in Rolling Stone.