Call Angelina Jolie ‘zombie’ iranian contracted coronavirus in prison and lives his own stations of the cross | Daily Freedom

Sahar Tabar, an iranian woman who, with so many surgeries, he wanted to imitate his resemblance to the american actress, Angelina Jolie, from some time ago on the social networks stand out for their resemblance with the artist, but she denied that is has made more than 50 cosmetic surgeries.

Sahar Tabar became a star on Instagram for their photos with excessive touch-ups and videos of strangers.

Currently, the young man is going through a bad moment: to have contracted the coronavirus while in a jail, detained from 2019.

The human rights organization Center for Human Rights in Iran (J.), reported through its website that the lawyers of the young woman of 22 years called for the release of the pandemic, the COVID-19, but a judge refused to grant him bail.

“We find it unacceptable that this young man had contracted the coronavirus in these circumstances, while his detention order has been extended during all this time in prison,” he said on April 15, the attorney Payam Derafshan, real name of the young man.

The arrest of the ‘Angelina Jolie ‘ zombie’ happened in September last year, accused by a court in Tehran of blasphemy, incitement to violence, corruption of the youth and to obtain money through illegitimate means. In addition, the charged by “education illegal, insulting the islamic veil and spread the hate”, according to Clarín.

The lawyer explained that “repeatedly” asked the judge Mohammad Moghiseh, which delivered the young man to the advancement of the coronavirus: “we Went to the office of Mr. Moghiseh many times and ask him to cancel the detention order and instead granted bail (…) All the other accused persons in this case have been released and our client is the only one that has been stopped… but the judge said no,” he said.

Despite the evidence, Mehdi Mohammadi, director of the prison, Shahr-e Rey, where she is being held in the Angelina Jolie of iran, said on April 14 that she had no coronavirus.

“It seems that it has become a habit for the authorities to deny everything (…) has No sense in denying this. The director of the prison should recognize the infection and to admit that he has been hospitalized”, said the lawyer to JANET.